The Long Haul


Along with warm weather, nothing says April like the crack of the bat. This time of year baseball teams begin the daily ritual of taking the field to participate in the national pastime – a ritual that will go on for nearly half the year.

Fans brim with excitement that this may finally the ‘their year’ and teams brim with confidence and energy that may or may not still be there come September. Unlike football, where early-season results can make or break an entire year, baseball is all about the big picture. Teams can start out hot and then gradually dip into irrelevance as injuries, fatigue, and the law of averages set in. By that same token, the most unspectacular April squads can be the last ones standing as long as they are consistent and/or resilient.

A baseball perspective can be useful when caring for your lawn. The little things that you do for your turf rarely provide instant gratification, but they all add up. The effects of proper watering practices, fertilization, and weed control programs may not be visible right away. As the summer wears on, the fruits of your season-long efforts will become impossible to ignore.

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