Poa Annua Annual Bluegrass

Poa Annua, also called Annual Bluegrass, is an annual, clumpy, grassy weed common to the Southeast. The leaf blade is smooth on both surfaces, and the tip is boat-shaped. A light-green to whitish seed head appears in April.

Annual Bluegrass reproduces by seed, which germinates in September and October, but is not usually noticed as a problem until February or March.

The main control is pre-emergent herbicide, which is applied to all “warm-season” grasses such as Bermuda or Zoysia in September and October. Pre-emergents keep seeds from germinating.

If you are a new King GREEN customer and your lawn did not receive the September-October application, this is the reason you’re seeing Poa Annua. Our best suggestion is to live with the problem through the spring, as it will die out in the hot weather. We will provide weed control of the Annual Bluegrass next spring by treating your lawn this fall.

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