The King GREEN Team

The managers and staff members at King GREEN have had years of experience and training in the turf grass industry . We’d like you to get to know just a few of our weed control, and turf care specialists:

  • Jason Bishop is the branch manager of the Greater Atlanta branch and has been with King GREEN for over 10 years. He is constantly strengthening his relationships with commercial clients, and is always ready for a challenge!
  • Kenny Green, the branch manager for our North Georgia location, has been with King GREEN for over 20 years. He has years of experience in dealing with the tendencies of southeastern turf grasses. He is also a registered pesticide applicator with the Georgia Department of Agriculture.
  • John Hogan has been a sales representative for King Green for over 25 years. When he came to King Green, he had already been working in the lawn care business. You can find him working with commercial clients and residential clients in the Atlanta area.
  • Chad Sanders is one of King GREEN’s expert tree and shrub and lawn technicians who has been with King GREEN since 1999. He is dedicated to properly analyzing the landscape before every application.
  • Dave Scher took on the task of becoming the first Charlotte branch manager of King GREEN. Charlie was confident that Dave would succeed, and he was right. King GREEN ventured into Charlotte, NC in 2005 and with the dedication of Dave and the rest of the Charlotte staff, it became a success.
  • Greg Wagner is the vice president of King GREEN and has been in the lawn care industry for more than 24 years. He graduated from the University of Alabama where he excelled in baseball. He is an active part of King GREEN and regularly travels among all of our branches to provide support and leadership.

These Staff members have been with the company more than 10 years:

  • Pamela Beam
  • Andy Bradley
  • Tabitha Coker
  • Chad Defoor
  • Amanda Jones
  • Jaime Hernandez
  • Chris Calefate
  • Jennifer Jorge
  • Teddy Maxwell
  • Tristan Moore
  • Lynn Wheeler
  • Jennifer Sutton